Winners 2022

Texas Scramble

1st Ada Phillips & Guests.

Presidents Trophy

1st Steve Smith +3

2nd Bob Clarke +2

3rd Andy Grice -1

Glynn Hughes Memorial

1st Ash Govani

2nd Bob Clarke

3rd Ben Stephens

Marston Shield

1st Lee Dishington Level

2nd Andy Morton

3rd Roy smith

Bulls Head Trophy

1st Paul Spragg 33 Points

2nd Roy Smith 30 Points

3rd Simon Douglas 27 Points

Club Championship

1st Paul Spragg 71

2nd Baz Bolton 72

3rd Steve Smith 74

Ken Atkins Trophy

1st Nick Williams 36 Points

2nd Trevor Howard 35 Points

3rd Ada Phillips 34 Points

Limited Club (Lea Marston)

1st Andy Grice 33½

2nd Dave Shilton 34

3rd Pete Arnold 37

Captain’s Weekend

Preston G.C. Friday

1st Ash Govani 71

2nd Andy Morton 72

3rd Ben Stephens 72

Silverdale G.C. Saturday

1st Simon Douglas, Trevor Howard, Ben Stephens and Steve Jackson 84 points

2nd Roy Smith, Andy Morton, Steve Mott (Steve Jackson) 77 points

3rd Steve Smith, Ada Phillips, Dave Shilton and Ash Govani 76 points

The Mere Sunday

1st Andy Morton 35 points

2nd Ash Govani 32 points

3rd Simon Douglas 27 points

Fred Green Final Medal




Wincanton Trophy