Club Rules

The Rules of the Society

 1. The society shall be known as The Bull at Two Gates Golf Society.

 2. The entrance fee and annual subscription will be set annually by the committee. These fees will fall due for renewal on the 30th September each year. Members who have not renewed their subscriptions by 30th October will be deemed to have left the Society and will have to re-apply for membership (see note 5).

 3. Applications for membership must be made on the correct application form and, when completed the applicant must attend a monthly meeting to hand it to the committee and be introduced to the members present. He must also play 18 holes with a committee member before a decision on acceptance is made. Priority will be given to regulars of the Bulls Head.

 4. Members will be required to attend as many competitions as possible, as well as any functions organised by the committee. Failure to do so will be deemed as not supporting the society and renewal of membership will be at the discretion of the committee.

 5. Membership will be restricted to 24 members and an active waiting list will be maintained. (Acceptance of new entrants will be at the discretion of the committee).

 6. A member representing the society in matches with other societies, special days out or whilst playing on private courses must not wear denim jeans, shorts or logo T-shirts and must uphold the good name of the society. A member failing to comply with this rule will be liable to action by the committee. Failure to wear the club tie at specified events will incur a fine of £ 5-00.

 7.       a) The A.G.M. will take place on a suitable date in October each year.

 b) Election of Officers will take place at the A.G.M., and office will be held for a period of one year, in the following positions:- Chairman Secretary Fixtures Secretary Treasurer Captain (see  7c below) Handicap Administrator

 c)        i) A member wishing to serve as Captain of the society must have been a member for a minimum of five years.

 ii) A prospective Captain must be proposed in writing by two members of the society, both of whom must have been a member of the society for a minimum of two years.

 iii) The nominated member must agree, in writing, to accept the nomination for the office of Captain.

 iv) The committee must circulate a list of nominees for Captain, before the A.G.M. for members to vote on.

 v) If there are more than five nominees in any year, the two nominees receiving the most votes will then enter into a second ballot and the nominee receiving the most votes will serve as captain for one year.

 vi) If no valid candidates are proposed, the committee reserve the right to submit its own list of up to four candidates.

 vii)After serving as captain, a member will not be allowed to enter the ballot for captain for two clear years.

 d) The accounting period will run from 1st October to 30th September each year.

 8. An entry list will be placed on the Bulls Head noticeboard at least one month prior to all competitions, and will be taken down on the date specified (usually one week prior ti the competition). After the list has been taken down any member on the list who does not attend, will incur a fine which must be paid before the next competition (amount to be reviewed annually) Whilst a fine is outstanding, a member will not be allowed to enter any monthly competitions. 

The Rules of Competition.

 1. All games and competitions must be played to the “Rules of Golf” as laid down by the R. & A.,the local club rules on whose course the competition is being played and any amendments which have been made by the society.

 2. Before a member can play in any competition organised by the society, he must:-

•a) Be a fully paid up member

•b) Have submitted to the handicap committee, three complete score cards, which have been countersigned by another member of the society and have obtained a society handicap. These cards shall be adjusted by the handicap committee so that any score of more than two over par on any hole will be amended to two over par. This rule will also apply to all competition cards. There will be five categories of handicap:- •1 Handicaps of 5 or less. •2 Handicaps of 6 to 12 inclusive. •3 Handicaps of 13 to 20 inclusive. •4 Handicaps of 21 to 28 inclusive. •5 Handicaps of 29 to 36 inclusive. Adjustments to exact handicaps will be as follows: Category Playing Handicap Add 0.1 if differential above Below SSS subtract for each stroke below 1 up to 5 +1 0.1 2 6 to 12 +2 0.2 3 13 to 20 +3 0.3 4 21 to 28 +4 0.4 5 29 to 36 +5 0.5

 •c) Thereafter, members must submit to the committee at least one completed, non-competitive score card every 8 weeks. This 8 week period will commence from the date of the last score card submitted. Failure to do this will result in the handicap becoming lapsed, and it will not be renewed until the required card has been submitted to the committee.

 •d) New members who also belong to another golf club / society and so have a current handicap will be permitted to use this handicap to play in competitions for a period of 4 weeks, but during this time must submit the required three score cards to obtain a society handicap, after which, the lowest of the two will prevail.

 •e) The competition year will run from December to November

•f) All major competition wins will incur a two shot penalty for the next competition that the player enters. (This penalty is also to be applied to the winner of the 9-hole limited club competition).

 •g) The society will be divided equally into two divisions. Each division will be determined by each player’s handicap as of 1st March each year.

 •h) Any competition finishing in a tie will be decided on the best back nine, after applying half of each players handicap, (0.5 to be included. If there is still a tie, the last six will be used (1/3 handicap being taken into account).

 3. Members must always submit their score cards when playing with another member of the society. (MEMBERS WILL ALSO BE ALLOWED TO SUBMIT SCORECARDS BY BONEFIDE MEMBERS OF GOLF CLUBS).

 4. Results will be posted monthly with the newsletter, except Eclectic competition, which will be update periodically.

 5. It is the duty of every member to ensure that he knows his own handicap. If a player submits a score card which shows a handicap which shows a handicap which is higher than it should be, he will be disqualified from the competition. If the lower, then this will stand for the competition concerned. IF IN ANY DOUBT, CONTACT THE HANDICAP ADMINISTRATOR.

 6. Any score card which has been incorrectly completed, or has not been signed by both player and marker, will be declared “Null and Void”.

7. In the R&A handbook, rule 7.1(b) states “On any day of stroke competition or play off, a competitor shall not practice in the competition course”.

8. No player shall be permitted to win more than one trophy in any one competition.

9. MONTHLY MEDAL Any month between March and October, points will awarded to the first three places in each division for that month on a basis of 5, 3 & 1. At the end of the above period, the player with the most points in each division will receive a prize, to be decided by the committee on an annual basis. Between November and February, there will be only one division for the whole society. If during this period, there are less than three players, score cards will be carried forward to be included in the next monthly medal competition.

10. ECLECTIC Each member must choose a course on which they wish to enter the competition, by informing the Handicap committee of their choice by the 1st march each year. You may submit three cards per month ( this is not compulsory but is in your own interests), which will also be eligible for the monthly medal. This competition will be split into two divisions (see note 2g) and will run from April to October each year. To facilitate entering this competition, cards or copy cards will be allowed by members who have not played with another society member, but have had their cards signed by a member of their own club, with whom they have played.

11. GOLFER OF THE YEAR. The golfer of the year will be chosen from the points system based on the events played throughout the year. For each major competition, the winner will receive 29 points, 2nd place will receive 26 points, 3rd place will receive 24 points, 4th place will receive 22 points and 5th place will receive 20 points. The points received for the remaining places will be reduced by one point for each place down the list. ie 6th place will receive 19 points and 24th place will receive 1 point. Where a player attends a competition day but is not allowed to compete because of a lapsed handicap, he will be deemed to have come last for that day and receive points accordingly. (E.g. If 18 players attend, he will be recorded as 18th and receive 7 points) A record shall be kept and the Golfer of the year will be the player with the most points at the end of the season.

12. Golfer of the year points for increasing – decreasing handicaps. Points awarded for each stroke decreased. Points deducted for each stroke increased A player moving from one band to another receives/loses the points from the band he is leaving. Handicaps as of 1st March apply. Handicap Point/Strokes 29 to 36 1 21 to 28 2 13 to 20 3 6 to 12 4 up to 5 5 13.WINTER KNOCKOUT

a) Each round must be completed by the date specified. Any extension to this date will be at the discretion of the Handicap Administrator.

 b) The player drawn at home will have preference as to the choice of venue.

c) Every effort must be made to complete the match on the day (i.e. Extra holes)

d) The final will be played at a neutral venue, approved by the committee, the cost of which will be met by the society.

 Competition Formats

1. Medal: Stroke play ie. Full Handicap

2. Limited Club: each player will be limited to playing with only four clubs, one of which must be a recognised putter. Players have their own choice of clubs but they must have selected them before the start of the competition. Only these four clubs may be taken onto the course.

3. Club Championship: There will be three prizes in the competition. The winner, the “Club Champion” will be the player returning the best net score.

4. “Bogie Rules” Players will play off ¾ of their full handicap and players receiving strokes must take them in accordance with the stroke index which is printed on the score card.

5. “Bogie Rules” Players will play off 7/8 of their full handicap and players receiving strokes must take them in accordance with the stroke index which is printed on the score card.

6. “Stableford” In this competition members will play off 7/8 of their handicap. The method of scoring is by the Stableford points system.

7. “Stableford” In this competition members will play off full handicap. The method of scoring is by the Stableford points system.

8. The Texas Scramble is a team competition and scoring is as follows: All members of the team drive off, the team then decide which ball lies best. Having chosen the best ball, all members of the team then play their second shots from the chosen position. Play then continues in the same manner for each shot.

9. Winter Knockout. Match play, full handicap with ¾ of the difference. Player receiving strokes must take them in accordance with the stroke index on the score card. New Members with no handicap will play off 18

Etiquette Rules.

1. Players must replace all divots, repair pitch marks on the green and smooth out marks and footprints in the bunkers.

2. Local notices regulating the movement of golf trolleys should be strictly observed and the MUST NOT be taken onto the greens.

3. Players must have the correct footwear.

4. Consideration. No one should move, talk or stand close to, or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke. In the interest of all, players should play without delay and, if you are losing ground on the players in front, or have lost your ball, then the players behind must be allowed to play through. Players should not move off the teeing area until all have played their shots. When play of a hole has been completed, players should leave the green IMMEDIATLY and complete their scorecards at the next tee. Thought should also be given in this respect to the positioning of golf bags and trolleys.